[All Reviews are taken from YELP!]
"So I just got everything waxed today! Lol I'm getting married in 3 days and I already had my appointment in Bakersfield with the girl I've been trusting for years it's hard to let go when u feel so comfortable, luckily I came across these reviews, canceled my appointment in Bakersfield and gave Mary a try. I feel like I've been missing out on someone so talented and nearby. She was so busy but I told her about my situation and she was able to squeeze me in. She is so chill and funny! I'm never going back to Bakersfield!! She's so professional and never double dips which is great she is also fast and knows what she is doing
I recommend her 100%"
                                                                                      -M.C. 8/13/2015
"It's been 2 months, 2 states and 3 different spas since Ive regretted not waiting till I'm in CA to see Mary... She hands down beats all 3 spas in 2 states and Ive only been to her once! I travel for work and I am planning my wedding so as everyone else here has said, Mary is considerate, prompt & flexible to meet her clients needs. My first visit was a Brazilian and leg wax, I had a flight to catch & needed to find a vet for my mini pin too. Had my wax done & found a vet (because Mary owns 3 mini pins herself!) all in 24 minutes. Professional, friendly, quick and efficient.. What else could we ask for :D Thanks Mary!"
                                                                                -Angela R. 10/17/2014
"I did extensive research on finding a good place for my first Brazilian wax & first facial ever! Leave it to Yelp to guide me to the right person!!!!! Thank you Yelp!!! Mary is PHENOMENAL!!!!! Please note: she works from home. Which is one of the reasons I decided to try her services. I'm very happy I did. She works by appointment only. I was the only one there so no one had to hear me scream (or laugh out loud in my case) For you ladies that would like to get a Brazilian but unsure of the pain... This is how I can best describe it. Be ready to spread eagle .. Don't be shy. The OBGYN sees you right? mary was so professional! She gives you a towel to squeeze .. Warm wax comes on .. & WALAA! It's like ripping a big A$$ band aid off. Except its on your vagina. It truly was NOT as painful as i thought it would be ! The butt hole was HILARIOUS! it didn't hurt - just felt super weird .. Only place where I can say it really hurt was above "the bell" area .. Just breathe,)
I've already made my next appointment.
P.s. my husband loves it!,)"    
-Proudmom O. 9/17/2013
"Mary is the queen of customer service! She responds quick to appointment requests, and is the constant professional."
-L.F. 9/17/2013
"There's something about Mary  :)
I've been a loyal client to my waxing lady in Pasadena, but it's just too far for me now that I'm an official valley girl.  So I decided to give Mary a try.  48 reviews and all had 5 stars?  I was curious but still a bit don't just get a Brazilian from any random person! I called Mary to make an appointment, but she was with a client.  She texted me back straight away so off the bat she gets an A+ for communication.  I showed up at her place and we went into her cute and clean room that is dedicated to her clients.  After about 8 minutes (might have even been less), she was done!  And at only $35 for a Brazilian, that is hands down the cheapest and fastest Brazilian I've ever even heard of.  On top of that, she did a fantastic job. Mary is super sweet, friendly, and makes you feel like you've been friends for years.  I was totally comfortable "baring all" and I'm the kind of girl that hates changing at the gym in front of other women. So I'm so thankful that I found her!  I'll definitely be one of her regulars." 
-Jennie K.  4/21/2013
"Mary is the best!! I've gone to other places before but no one even compares to her! She has the best prices around, she is super friendly, her home is clean and she is really caring. I asked her advice on how to prevent ingrown hairs and she sent me multiple links and pics of products that will help treat and prevent them.
I strongly recommend her!"  
-Bree H. 12/29/2013
"I had my very first wax of my downstairs by her and she was great! Very professional and made me feel comfortable. I feel it was a great choice to go to her and will definitely come back for future waxing. I am happy with the results and am probably going to be a waxer for life, it is so much better and you don't have to worry about pain or irritation that you do with shaving.
-Nikki R. 6/22/2012
"I used Mary's service for a full body wax after reading her reviews on yelp. She is amazing. Quick, clean and nice. Thanks Mary i'll definitely be your customer as long as you are in business."
-Borsha  G. 5/22/2014
"I've been going to Mary to get my eyebrows waxed for months and I really don't have any complaints.
She is sweet, friendly, and always reminds me of my next appointment. Oh, I almost forgot that she is reasonably priced! 
I am no longer walking around looking like a crazy hairy beast.
Thanks, Mary! :)"
-Dana P.  5/6/2012
"I LOVE COMING TO MARY! She keeps the conversation going which makes things go quickly and less painfully. Super easy going, and inexpensive. She is also flexible with scheduling, which is a big plus for me. Highly recommend!"
-Caroline L. 8/22/2011