Wax Menu.

Wax Menu.
Waxing is a method of hair removal which removes the hair from the root. Wax best suited for your skin will be used. 
At this time, I only offer Women's waxing.
  • Prior to making a waxing appointmentt for any body part legs, brazilain, arms, underarms, etc. the hair must NOT be shaved for a min of 2.5/3 weeks. If you arrive & hair has not been grown out, you will still be responsible for treatment. 
  • please do NOT shower or apply lotion prior to wax appointment. Shower 4-5 hours prior to appointment as water softens the hair and will NOT pull out during waxing treatment.
  • Minors/Children: Unless you are a parent accompanying your teen to their appointment, children are not allowed in the studio. Please understand it is a potential liability.
  • Please arrive wearing loose clothing to your waxing appointment, or bring with you. i.e., dress, shorts, skirt, maxi dress etc. no tight clothing/jeans as skin needs to breathe after wax. Wearing tight/constricting clothing may cause your skin to have a reaction. 
  • NOTE: If you are currently taking any prescription medications, it is always best to be safe and notify Me, the Esthetician before a service. If you have used Accutane in the last six months, NO waxing or exfoliating services can safely be performed.
Wax Prices.
I reserve the right to charge for requests for hair removal not included in service you have requested at time of booking.
(ex. booked a brazilain: asking for hair removal of inside thighs, butt checks, etc)
  • Eyebrows $15+
  • Upper Lip $7
  • Front face of chin $10+
  • Sideburns $15
  • Front Neck $10+
  • Back Neck $10+
  • Full Face (soft wax) $40+
  • Full Face (hard wax) $50+

 [Eyebrow/Upper Lip is included in full face. Chin/Neck is not]


  • Women's Bikini: Outer sides only (hair outside of underwear) $20+
  • Women's Playboy: outside sides + 1/4" taken off from inside + inside butt strip.  (hair is still left on the lips & a traiangle on top) $30+
  • Women's Brazilian: no hair/landing strip + inside butt strip $40+    
  • Hair Line from Navel (Happy Trail) $10                  
  • Underarms $15
  • Half Arms $25
  • Full Arms $35+
  • Half Leg (lower) $25
  • Thighs $35+
  • Full Legs $55+
  • Lower Back $20+
  • Upper Back $20+
  • Full Back $35+
  • Full Stomach $20+
  • Lower Stomach $17+
  • Derrière $20+



Different Types of Wax's that I use. I only chose the best type of wax for your hair type.

  • Organic Honey Wax.  is an all natural formula, gentle enough for the whole body waxing. antibacterial.
  • Deluxe Creme. (pink) this all-purpose creamy wax removes thick, stubborn/coarse or curly hair. recommended for all skin types, great for brazilains. antibacterial.
  • Organic Soy. this wax is enriched with soy & other natural ingredients to maximize hair removal & to protect the skin. gently formulated to remove fine to coarse hair on super sensative skin. antibacterial.great for brazilians for extra sensitive skin.
  • Ultra Sensitive Zinc Oxide. formulated for acne or blemish prone skin. provides protective barriers for all skin types. antibacterial. great for ingrowns/blemishs for brazilain area. 
  • Cirepil Blue/hard (face only) Cirepil's blue low temperature waxes are applied at or just above skin temperatures & is the best for full face waxing. Ideal for skin that is prone to breaking out after waxing.